Daily Links for 05 January 2012

RT @DLTSolutions: Congrats to our own Matt Micene for recieving the highest level of #RedHat certification, RHCA! Now that’s value added … ->
RT @nickgrossman: This is it. Web censorship vote on 1/24. We need you to go to a townhall in Jan and tell Senators to vote NO. http://t … ->
RT @MsCourt: One of the greatest mysteries of my life, solved! RT @mental_floss: Why Do Dogs Walk in a Circle Before Lying Down? — http: … ->
Austin PD officers accused of abuse during New Year’s arrest, and hassled an Iraq vet for filming it. ->
RT @oatp: H.R.3699 – Research Works Act: “The Research Works Act (HR 3699) is a new bill to repeal the open-access policy … http://t.c … ->
RT @nathangoldstein: Because private sector will Reg itself: Santorum on the agency he’d eliminate: The Center for Medicare Services. ht … ->
RT @mollsiebee: #NASA unveils ‘community hub’ for #opensource #gov20 #oss #opengov ->
RT @skytland: Such an unbelievable response to code.NASA! We are making updates to the site so we can start doing interviews ASAP. Thks